Our team ensure that your books are in safe hands. We put a firm emphasis on first-class writing, editing and publishing of romance fiction.


We work closely with you from edits to cover art and beyond to publish your book with absolute care and precision. Our staff are meticulous and strive for best practice each and every day.


We pride ourselves on paying our author royalties promptly and have an open door policy for communication.


Customer support is essential. We are always available for our customers and our authors when they need us.


We communicate constantly throughout the publishing process and work hard to ensure you get the very best.


We provide our readers and authors with an ‘A List’ experience.


We are one of the biggest digital publishers of romance fiction. We seek out the most talented authors in the industry to stay ahead of the market.


Every person who works for Totally Entwined shares a real passion and commitment to take fabulous romance fiction to the widest possible audience.

Pen to paper

Brought together by a mutual love of outstanding romance fiction, we offer a mass of business experience in the form of editors, artists, marketeers, IT technicians, international rights and support staff to meet all of your needs.

Claire Siemaszkiewicz, CEO



We believe that happy authors are productive authors.


We are passionate about romance fiction and the care an author receives and we’re committed to providing the highest quality service.


We do not charge fees to the author at any time. Our authors come first.


We’re determined to take the highest quality fiction to the widest possible audience.


We provide firm and constant support to our authors and readers and have done so from day one.


There are more than 3,000 books available in our stores spanning every romantic sub-genre. Nothing should stand in the way of a reader’s enjoyment.


When you become a Totally Entwined author you’ll be introduced to your dedicated editor who will look after you and your books.


You can always expect professionalism from our team as standard practice.

Meet our CEO and Publisher, and see what some of our authors have to say


"Totally Bound have made my publishing journey both straightforward and enjoyable. I always look forward to the day my cover art arrives, as Totally Bound never disappoint with their designs. Their editors are always diligent and supportive, working hard to make my writing the best that it can be, and I’m always confident that my story is safe in their hands. I’m very happy to be working with Totally Bound and will continue to do so as long as I can."

Tanith Davenport

"Working with this company had been amazing! Between the excellent formatting, top-notch editing and absolutely beautiful covers, an author can't go wrong! I was nervous about signing my first contract with a publishing company for my debut novel, but I have signed the following five with no hesitation. They made the process simple and easy to understand and have been with me every step of the way!"

K.D. Ellis

"As a first time novelist when I heard that my book had been accepted by the Totally Entwined Group for their Pride imprint, I was both thrilled and hesitant. I had absolutely no idea what to expect in the way of support. I soon learned that everyone I worked with, from the publisher and CEO through to my editor and marketing person were always there for me. They answered my questions, made fantastic suggestions, and always communicated in a clear and supportive fashion. I was thrilled with the end result. I am continuing my relationship with the publisher with an upcoming book series. TEG bills itself The Home of Romantic Fiction, and a home is what it feels like."

Peter E. Fenton

"I've published 8 books with Totally Entwined Group and have enjoyed working with them for over 10 years. Their editing process is second to none with exceptional attention to detail. The editors are great to work with and always provide insightful and creative encouragement. TEG also offer various support networks to aid in marketing, connecting with authors and readers, and to assist in the overall publishing process. The cover art provided to me has always been eye-catching and the cover art package is invaluable for marketing and social media promotion. I’ve enjoyed my publishing experience with TEG immensely."

Jasmine Hill

"I came to the Totally Entwined Group in thier early days and have had a positive experience in every aspect of working with Claire and the rest of the staff. The fact that TEG has grown over the years when their contemporaries left e-publishing is a great testament to the knowledge and effort put into running the business. From a writer's standpoint the editing is thorough, the cover art on brand and wonderfully executed. I love that they've been able to expand into other avenues such as audiobooks, and translation. One of the most important aspects of working with TEG these past years is that the royalty payments have consistently arrived on time. That alone puts them above some other small presses I've worked with in the past."

Barbara Sheridan

"I have been an author with Totally Entwined since 2013, as a participant in an anthology. The editing process was smooth and educational for a first-time participant. The cover for my novella, as a stand-alone purchase was, and still is, a beautiful piece of art, as appropriate today as when published ten years ago. The anthology sold steadily, with monthly returns. I have always found Totally Entwined to be extremely professional and helpful in all my dealings with them. So much so, I have been happy to supply short stories for their free download section. I would recommend them, as publishers, to all authors. As I live halfway around the world in New Zealand, it is wonderful to have this link and know my work is in the hands of professionals."

Virginnia de Parte

"As a lifelong reader, but new writer, joining writers' circles on social media (or even simply reading through public posts from authors) I was very nervous about the next steps for my stories. I’d heard of editors requiring large changes to stories and even title changes. However, I was fortunate enough to find an absolute treasure of an editor as she worked with my story, offered fabulous insight that strengthened my writing and gave words of encouragement with her reads. She was patient through my newbie writer naivete and has been an asset to my writing career."

Lily Michaels

"Writing a book with another author can be quite a journey! I was incredibly gifted by having an amazing coauthor in Deana Birch, however we were both baby writers and weren’t well versed in exactly what good marketing would look like. Thankfully with guidance from the marketing team, we both learned so much about the importance of securing reviews, logging ARC readers and following up with them. With that help our standalone erotic romance managed to receive over one hundred ratings on GoodReads with a 4.33 average."

Amelia Foster

"I've worked with Totally Entwined on over half a dozen books, including two series, and it's been a wonderful experience. The editing team is outstanding, and always polishes my manuscripts with elegance and insight, and there's consistent support from admin and marketing. I also love all the covers they send my way, and they're always receptive to edits and feedback. With the Totally Entwined team, it genuinely feels like we're all working together as a team to create something great. "

Gemma Snow

"As a debut author, I've been very satisfied with the individual attention and support I've received. My editor was great to work with and everyone involved has helped make my book the best that it can be. I love the cover and overall high production value of the finished book."

Nolan Vancey

"I've loved working with them. Not only do they offer fantastic author support and nurturing, they pay on time and with transparent accounting."

Saranna DeWylde