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Totally Informed

We don’t expect each manuscript to be perfect – we’re looking for great stories. Our editors are here to help with the rest. Submission calls are a great way of kick-starting ideas. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – if you don’t yet have a manuscript to submit, but you have some ideas, we’ll still look at them. As such we’re always looking for new authors and we’re regularly canvassing the opinions of our existing authors as well as our readers and the market at large.

We make it our business to share this information with our authors so that they are perfectly primed to provide exactly what readers want.


“Our best writers are those who have a unique and new approach and a writing style that sets them apart from the mainstream. Focus on your talent for storytelling and we’ll help you take it from there.”


Guides, Hints and Tips


“We’re pretty open when it comes to creativity (we certainly don’t want to stifle it), and will look at most story lines, but…we do have our limits!”

When you become a Totally Entwined Group author you will be given exclusive access to our Author Marketing Portal, designed to help aspiring authors in their quest to become published and existing authors to further their writing careers.

Once you have successfully entered the portal you will see we have collated a whole host of information to help you to promote your books successfully.

We’ll be adding more great 'how-to's periodically, so if you have a particular request and would like us to cover something that isn’t already included in this section then please let us know.


Book Lengths

Our book lengths are divided into six categories:

Short Story – 10,000 – 15,000 words
Novella – 15,001 – 30,000 words
Short Novel – 30,001 – 50,000 words
Novel – 50,001 – 70,000 words
Super Novel – 70,001 – 100,000 words
Super Plus Novel – 100,001+ words

Heat Ratings

(Totally Bound Publishing only)

Our heat ratings tell you how hot you will find the story:

Totally Simmering – Sexy, sensual, sweet romance.
Totally Sizzling – Sexy, explicit and highly imaginative, with a sensual side.
Totally Burning – Explicit, highly imaginative and hot, where almost anything goes. These titles are very uninhibited in both sexual dialogue and descriptiveness.
Totally Melting – These are our XXX stories. They differ from the others only in the content of the plot lines, as they tend to be much more risqué and explicit. These babies are burning hot. Some readers will find them objectionable, so definitely not for the faint hearted!
Totally Taboo – The taboo line breaks into pure, unadulterated erotica or covers the subjects that could be seen as extreme or offensive, pushing stories to the limits of what some deem acceptable. These books don’t necessarily have to have a ‘happy every after’.

Sexometer Ratings

(Totally Bound Publishing only)

Our sexometer tells you how much sex is in a book:

1 – These books are a slower burn, with lots of sexual tension leading up to an explosive culmination.
2 – These books have a pulse pounding balance of erotic tension and sexy scenes. More than Risqué and less than relentless!
3 – Non-stop sensual and sexual interaction throughout the book.