The Home of Happy Authors

We believe that happy authors are productive authors, so we’ve put a lot of time and thought into crafting processes that are conducive to author confidence and creativity.

From first-class editing support through to help with marketing and PR, we’re here to help you make your books as polished and successful as they can possibly be.

Totally Unique

Each and every one of our authors is unique and their writing styles and storylines are extremely diverse.

We celebrate individuality and are committed to making sure every author voice gets heard. We love to see creative storytelling and original style. Our authors all have a unique approach to romance fiction and a writing style that sets them apart from the rest.


"You can expect professionalism from our team as standard practice. We communicate constantly throughout the publishing process."


For many of our writers, being an author is a vocation in life, for others the drive to write is more of a 9 - 5 career decision, but they all share similar challenges in continuously crafting fabulous fiction. This is why we work hard to create a lively and stimulating community where our authors can network and support each other.

You can expect professionalism from our team as standard practice. We communicate constantly throughout the publishing process and we pride ourselves in paying our royalties promptly.

Editorial Support

Each and every new author who joins us is assigned a dedicated editor. We believe the author/editor relationship to be truly special and members of our team will go out of their way to ensure that your journey towards getting each manuscript published is as smooth as possible.

A red-carpet reading experience

It is our aim to be the publisher of choice to all authors who want to offer their readers fabulous romance fiction and an ‘A List’ experience.


“We know how much work goes into crafting a great story, so we give your manuscripts equal care and attention.”

Rebecca Scott Publisher

Totally social

We encourage all our authors to connect with us on Social Media sites and Goodreads. Talking to each other via social media helps to develop our collective reader base and drive interest and sales for your books.

Meet The Authors

Marketing for our Published Authors

24carat Marketing Support

We really go the extra mile to help boost sales for our amazing authors. At a corporate level, we're always finding ways to promote each of our imprints and drive the all-important-reader-base to our websites and other retail stores to boost book sales. On top of that, we also give specific marketing & PR support to our authors and their books with the aim to build strong author brands.

Promotions and Teasers

We have a host of magical marketing tools that we share with Totally Entwined authors to help make their book sales fly. Every release has bespoke cover artwork and we produce special promotional packs for our authors to use on their own websites, blogs and social media streams. We also do regular promotions, deals and discounts on our eBook stores as well as popular promotional and retail sites, keeping the consumer interest piqued. It is important to showcase your books and hook readers so that they want to buy more!


“In essence, we’re here, working hard behind the scenes to make sure your titles get talked about in all the right places, by all the right people, for all the right reasons.”

Special Extras

When you become published with us we give you access to our author portal, where you will find a whole host of marketing 'how-to's covering things like how to set up newsletters, blog your way to success, engage readers, advertise your books or even establishing a street team. We provide guides about all the social media sites and how to get the most from them. We'll also tell you what’s needed when putting a media kit together or when attending conferences and conventions.

Books that are part of a series are always put forward for external marketing promotions to increase visibility and awareness of your brand to help drive sales.

If your books meet our criteria we’ll put them forward for international language opportunities and rights deals.

All of our authors are able to write posts for our blogs and we give you access to our private author communications group where our staff and your peers are on call to help and support you.

We make a big effort to attend trade shows and reader/author conventions to support our authors and join in on the fun! It's important to us to build strong relationships with our authors when we get the chance, and having a presence at events is a big part of that.

Totally Social

We strive to build strong relationships with our authors and connect with our readers. It is great to be part of a community and social media is a perfect platform to interact on a daily basis.

We are always hard at work building a rapport with readers on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

We encourage all of our authors to get social with us because we are stronger when we work together.


“We recommend our authors write a blog, connect with readers on Facebook and Twitter and employ any of their other favourite social media channels to develop a direct relationship with their fanbase.”

Heidi Blakey Marketing & PR Manager

Let’s connect

You can find us on Facebook. Befriending us is a great way of keeping abreast of what's happening with your books. Share our posts and promotions and play your part in extending our social reach as we connect to new customers all over the world.

You can also follow us on Twitter. We regularly tweet about author blog tours, events we are attending and post links to articles and interviews featuring our authors.

We are also on Goodreads with regular updates on all of our books and feature Q&A’s with our authors so readers can get to know you more.