Are You a Narrator?

Totally Entwined Group is a recognized leader and innovator in the world of romantica fiction. Our Audio Program has been designed to fast-pace our titles from eBook creation into audio book. We release up to six books per week, and have a back catalogue of more than 2,500 titles. This means that we're never short of projects to offer narrators.

Sales of audio books have been skyrocketing in recent years! Audiobooks are the biggest book industry trend for the last 7 years. According to a report published in June of 2019 by the Audio Publishers Association, audio book sales increased by nearly 25% between 2017 and 2018 and total sales approached nearly $1 billion! Most audio books are sold digitally. Over 90% of audio books are downloaded from the internet. There were over 44,500 audiobooks produced in 2018, an increase of over 5% from the year before. Romantica fiction is at the forefront of sales in audio books around the world.

Do you want the ability to work directly with us, moving our titles from eBook into audio book? We would like to hear from new talent who are interested in joining our growing team.

Narrator FAQs

If you have questions that are not answered here, you can see more on our FAQ page.

Audio Narrators

“Quality narration is what elevates and distinguishes the audiobook listening experience from the print reading experience, in often extraordinary ways." – Ian Small.

When you become a Totally Entwined Group narrator you will be given exclusive access to our Narrator Portal, where we'll work with you step by step through the selection and narration process.

Here's How it Works

➣ Send us your application along with a sample for us to listen to.

➣ If your voice is approved we'll set your Narration Portal account up so that you can access the system.

➣ Upload samples of your voice so that we can pair you up with our books and author requirements.

➣ When you've been paired with a book, we'll send you a portal project.

➣ Sign the agreement and we are on our way to creating an audiobook together.

➣ We send you the manuscript via your personal portal.

➣ Once you've sent us the first 5% recorded so that we can assess and accept, you record each section/chapter based on the book content.

➣ Once you've finished, upload the chapters to your portal.

➣ Make any corrections after we've assessed the chapters.

➣ Your books are swiftly processed and sent to our channel partners for sale.

Audio Narrators

“Human beings will always seek out new stories and ideas and we should celebrate the fact that there are now so many ways to access them." – Jennifer Howard

Your Royalties

What We're Looking For

Narrator Royalty Options

We have two options for our narrators. At the point of contract you can select which one you want:

➣ Receive 35% of all net royalties from our own stores and from our channel partners for the duration of the contract.

Examples on 35%

Let’s say your PFH is $200 x 7 hours (average book length) = $1,400

Direct Sales Price points:

So an average 7 hour book is going to net you $6.99. You’d have to sell 200 copies to break even.

Channel Partner Price points - averaged at 50% (but this could be calculated anywhere between 30-70% depending on the retailer agreement):

An average 7 hour book is going to net you $3.50. You’d have to sell 400 copies to break even.


➣ Receive a revenue share over the duration of the contract:

Narrator Royalty

Narrator Requirements

Totally Entwined Group is seeking talented, creative, professional Audio Narrators to turn our eBooks into Audiobooks. We're looking for male and female narrators, with the following voice types and accents:

  • Male American - mid/deep tone
  • Female American - light/mid tone
  • Male British - mid/deep tone
  • Female British - light/mid tone
  • Male Australian - mid/deep tone
  • Female Australian - light/mid tone

Requirements include:

  • Ability to engage the listener, give a consistent performance and have intuitive timing.
  • Develop multiple convincing character voices or use appropriate inflection.
  • Interpret the author's intent and bring the story to life.
  • Ability to use industry standard software and tools to produce quality Audiobooks.
  • Ability to work to strict deadlines.
  • Willingness to work on books with LGBT/erotic content.
  • Willingness to work in a team and take direction when necessary. Interested, qualified candidates should email Human Resources.