Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

If you have a question that isn't answered, please contact us.


1How do I sign up with Totally Entwined as a narrator?
Click on the 'APPLY NOW' button on the narration page. From there send us some information on your skills and experience/ qualifications and some samples of your work. We'll assess the information sent and then set up an account for you within the Narrator Portal.
2Can I pick which projects I'd like to do?
If you're applying to work with us, you need to be comfortable with our content, including gay romance and books that are generally erotic in nature. We would like to work with narrators who are happy to work on categories across the romantica spectrum, however we will take into consideration your preferences when we set up projects for you.
3How does the process work?
Once you've got access to your portal, we'll set up a project for you. The portal will guide you through the whole process, from signing your contract, to submitting the final manuscript and you'll work with our Translation administration and management team throughout the whole process.
4What is your turnaround time on translations?
We are currently looking at an eight - twelve week turn-around from acceptance to completion date. However, we do understand that sometimes projects either come in under or over that time. As long as we are in full communication and it's agreed between you and the team managing the project, that's fine.
5What are your contract terms?
Contract terms are 7 years. If the book is still in contract with TEG after that point, you will still receive royalties until the book is no longer under contract.
6What are your contract terms?
Our standard contract is for four years. Some anthology contracts may be longer.
7Can I see a copy of the contract?
Yes, absolutely. As soon as you have a Narrator Portal access and we've set up a project for you, you will get access to view and sign our Narrator contract.
8How often do you pay royalties?
We pay royalties monthly, generally on the 1st of the month, unless that date falls on a weekend or a holiday, in which case payment will be made the next working day.
9How do you pay royalties?
We pay your royalties via PayPal or Wise, depending on your requirements. You can complete banking information from your portal.
10What are the royalty rates?
You have two options. A fixed royalty share at 35% of all net sales, or a flexible rate from 75% - 10% on a sliding scale. You can see more on this here.
11Can I narrate using more than one pseudonym?
Yes, you can use more than one name if you like.
12Do any of your books require dual narration?
No, not at the moment. We'll be sure to let you know if that changes.
13Do I need to send raw WAV files or mastered MP3 files?
We ask all of our narrators to send us clean WAV files. We expect our narrators to ensure that each chapter is error free and fully edited. From there we will master the chapter files and create the final mp3.
14Where will the audio books be sold?
Our books are sold internationally on multiple platforms. You can see a full list of retailers and distributors/channel partners here.
15Do you publish in print?
Yes, we offer trade paperback print books and some mass market as well as electronic publishing.
16What can I expect from Totally Entwined as an narrator?
We offer 100% dedication and commitment to each and every translator who works with our company. Our team are friendly and efficient and we believe that respect can only be earned. Communication and fast response times are essential to the relationships we forge.